Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 469: Vancouver, BC – Flu Vaccination

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a bit longer of a sleep today, waking up at 09:30 and then he had some breakfast and showered.

Curtis played games for pretty much the whole day, but there was a bit of research and a chat with Kim about stuff, too.

We went to get our flu vaccination at 14:30 today and, as you’d expect, Curtis almost fainted from it, but not quite!

We finished those up and came back home.

Kim’s Day

Today Kim started by looking over some applications for the new role they are hiring for. She added notes to the candidates that she likes and tagged colleagues in to take a look.

Kim presented her facilities project to the executive team today! She prepared by updating a spreadsheet she received at the beginning of the day with her notes alongside the pros and cons of each of the options. Kim then presented the options to the executive team and it went really well! They like the options and Kim is about right on budget and timeline, so that was great.

From this meeting Kim joined an interview. She took notes for most of it, but also asked a few questions at the end. It was really interesting. Kim then played her first game in the connect four tournament, she won both games, but they were very close and good fun! Before having lunch Kim sent out the invites for the connect four games next week.

After lunch Kim set up the gift exchange for the winter party coming up and then she made some updates to the new HR system.

After the jabs Kim worked on resetting a laptop and setting up HR accounts for the new starters. She also gave all the current employees access. She then spent a while sending out the new hire packets and updating information in the system


We watched some TV and had homemade lemon chicken for dinner.

We played some games together and then watched a bit more Alex Rider which is a pretty good show! We’re enjoying it.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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