Vancouver, BC

Place – Day 464: Vancouver, BC – Sinus Infection?

Curtis’ Day

Curtis woke up and his ear was still feeling blocked/pressured, but he also had a bit of a strange sinus feeling, which would work with Curtis’ original theory of it being a sinus infection.

Curtis dealt with that all day!

Curtis started work an hour later at 10:00 today to help cover the later hours of Black Friday support, so he had to finish at 18:00.

In the morning, Curtis had a call with someone to try and get something sorted for them, which went alright but there were a couple of issues which took some time to address.

Curtis then had a meeting with his manager to discuss this particular request as Curtis is off next week, so he needs to give a few things over to his boss.

Curtis then did a bit of work and had lunch.

After lunch, Curtis did an offboard and then some more work and answered questions for the remainder of the day.

Kim’s Day

Today was far more productive than Kim had imagined it would be! She started her day by getting ready for a meeting with the executives about the facilities project. So she called a few people to get a couple of quotes on things to get a rough idea of costs. The meeting was then moved to mid next week so Kim spent some time working on a social even happening next week before trying to purchase a software.

For the rest of the morning Kim started setting up the new HR software. She created shell accounts for existing employees and had a play about with some of the features and settings as well as making it on brand and ready to go.

Kim then worked on sorting out a few things for some new hires starting over the next few weeks. She organised start dates and decided to start implementing minimum notice periods before a new starter can start, to give time for the onboarding process. When she made this suggestion, everyone was on board so that was fantastic!

Kim then decided she deserved a coffee, so she went out and picked one up for Curtis and herself and then spent the rest of the afternoon finishing the movie she started yesterday.


Once Curtis was done with work, we ordered some food from Tacofino and whilst we waited for that, Curtis called the doctor for the second time of the day to see if they can let him know about the next steps for his ear.

They think it could be a sinus infection, so Curtis got some nasal spray to try and see if that helps! He really hopes so!

We went and picked up our food and then we watched Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse which we actually really enjoyed!

Curtis picked up his nasal spray after the film and then we chilled for the rest of the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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