Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 463: Vancouver, BC – To The Doctor!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a slow day today, but he did some security investigation work and also had a meeting with regards to a project, but that wasn’t very long.

He did some training in the late afternoon which was good and then some tickets.

That was pretty much his day, not much to report on.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a very busy and successful day today! She started by logging in to all the websites she used again. And continuing to set up her new laptop. She also made notes, chased people and updated info for events coming up.

Around midday Kim joined the HR meeting and she even discussed aspects of a new role she wrote the job description for with people. From this Kim went straight into the social lunch where she had a great chat with various people. It was probably the first just casual chat with multiple people that Kim has had at this company and it was really lovely! Everyone is so nice and interesting, its wonderful!

After the social call Kim was out and about for the facilities project. She had a lot of meetings and it all went really well. When she got home Kim wrote up recommendations, updated documents and did a little research.

To The Doctor!

Curtis had a doctor appointment in the evening, so instead of trying to cook before that, we had some pizza for dinner.

Then, we drove out to the doctor so Curtis could get his ear checked out.

It turns out that it seems to be an ear wax blockage!

The doctor cleared the affected one and checked the other and sure enough, that seems blocked too, but not as bad, hence why Curtis hasn’t noticed.

The doctor says Curtis will hopefully see an improvement in a couple of hours, as there’s currently a lot of water in there that will block it now. We shall see! If it doesn’t improve, he’ll need to go back. He also has to use the solution he was using in the other ear so that it stops that one becoming fully blocked.

We left here and picked up an ice cream for Kim from DQ then we headed home.

Kim had to do a bit of work so she did that and then she watched another film she wanted to watch.

We watched a bit of TV together after and then headed to bed.

Curtis is starting an hour later tomorrow and finishing an hour later too, as it is Black Friday so he needs to be able to support for a longer time, and some of his team are working from 06:00.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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