Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 461: Vancouver, BC – Hearing Is Back & Another Application!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis woke up and his ear was still feeling blocked, so when he went for a shower, he made sure it was very hot and made the bathroom nice and steamy.

He got out the shower and rubbed his ear and voila, he could all of a sudden hear again! This made him very happy, but he wanted to see how it went throughout the day and see if it stayed the same. Luckily, it did, so he has no worry about it now!

Curtis did a lot of tickets today and had just a couple of meetings.

Late afternoon, he got an email that he has been invited to apply for the provincial nomination, which will hopefully speed up his application for PR!

Curtis spent the first hour or so after working getting this all completed and ready to go as much as he can, whilst waiting for his company to do a bit of work for it.

Kim’s Day

Kim joined a seminar this morning about Diversity and Inclusion to see what she can learn there to bring forward into this, still quite new, role. It was so interesting and Kim was so happy she attended.

Straight after the seminar Kim had a quick meeting with her teammate about her PR application and then Kim asked her a load of questions. Then they both joined the weekly company meeting where Kim gave a small update and took the notes.

After the meeting Kim focused on making sure things are up to date, adding notes for things she needs clarification on, making plans for the next steps in a few things and updating a few logs and documents.

Kim spent some time in the afternoon working on the facilities project. She had a few questions so asked a couple of the executive team to join a meeting to go over a few things before she continues. It was good she did as half of the option Kim had didn’t work with the overall vision someone had. It was a short and sweet catch up, but she got some really great information and direction from it. She took this information, went back to the person helping out and amended the plan for the week accordingly.

Kim finished her day buy purchasing a laptop and making a to do list for the next day.


Kim made an African style stew and it was super tasty!

Once we ate that, Kim really wanted to watch a film that Curtis wasn’t interested in, so she went and chilled and watched that whilst Curtis played games for the evening.

We reconvened together in the late evening and watched a bit more TV then we headed off to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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