Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 377: Vancouver, BC – Well Deserved Massage

Curtis’ Day

Curtis’ day was pretty busy!

He had a quick meeting in the morning to discuss some changes that need to happen at the office.

After that, he had a couple of team meetings. The first was his daily meeting and then after that he had a discussion about a few different things with his team.

He did some tickets and then after lunch he had a project meeting followed by his bi-weekly team planning meeting.

After that, Curtis had some free time but he did some tickets and also met a colleague outside the apartment to collect some keys.

After that, Curtis did an onboard but stopped part way through to meet Kim to take her bag home for her.

After he did that, he got back home and finished the onboard to finish up his day.

Kim’s Day

Kim took her call for the day from home. She had a great chat with a new starter in the UK and it was lovely!

Once she was in the office she had to slowly remember what it is she is meant to be doing on a day to day basis. She started off by cancelling the social events for the day as people had summer parties this week and no one signed up for the social talks. After that Kim sent out invites to all the social events going forward to all the new starters.

A colleague popped into the office to pick a few things up late in the morning. So Kim helped her with finding and getting the things she needs to her car. After that Kim worked on tallying up all the scores for the east and west coast parties to find the overall winners. It was a lot of copy and paste, but totally worth it.

Kim had two sets of visitors in the afternoon. Two colleagues came in to pick up items and one person dropped off their laptop. She helped with finding the furniture they need and getting it down to the loading bay.

Kim finally managed to get round to sorting the post from the past few days.

After work Kim booked in for a massage and it was so lovely! It felt very safe and clean. She wore a mask the whole time, it was optional, but Kim felt better with it on. As the facilities are currently closed Kim was offered a glass of wine! So she sat in the lounge area and just chilled out.


Kim went for her massage and on her way back she ordered some food.

The food took a while to arrive, but we ordered from a place called The Union which is a South East Asian place which sounded great!

We got some chicken gyoza which were just fine and Kim got Nasi Goreng and Curtis got the peanut noodle bowl.

Kim’s food was way too spice and just OK tasting, but Curtis really enjoyed his.

We watched some YouTube and Lucifer and just chilled for our Friday evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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