Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 375: Vancouver, BC – Vancouver Office Fun Day!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a quick chat in the morning with a colleague to go over something and do some testing.

After that, Curtis has a 1 on 1 which was quick, and then he had his daily team meeting.

When that meeting was done, Curtis had some tickets to do and then he had some lunch.

Once lunch was done, the afternoon was very quiet.

Curtis was able to get some admin done and he did a few tickets as well.

Kim’s Day

Kim went through and made some changes to the quizzes and added better answer options.

Later in the morning Kim and her colleague popped out to pick up some ice and snacks for the summer party later. They then had a quick check of a few questions and other things. Then her colleague had the great idea of making fun backgrounds using the plants in the office. So Kim grabbed all the plants and they both decorated them and they looked amazing!

Then the party started! Kim followed along with the cocktail making and made a lovely mojito. After that they went straight into the quizzes. Same for rounds, in the media, in the news, company history and our people. There were a few times where people werent happy that their answer didn’t get accepted or autocorrect changed it, but it was so fun!

Then into the evening a few people played a few rounds of jackbox before just having a chat. After that Kim made most of the our people quiz for the final party, she just has to add a few answers for 6 rounds, so thats nice and easy!


Kim was home late, again, as expected, but today we had some leftovers that we defrosted.

We watched a bit of TV again and then headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

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