Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 300: Vancouver, BC – Carribbean Food

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a very quiet day in general.

He did a few tickets in the morning and had a call with someone to help free up some space and then it was lunch time.

After lunch was very quiet, besides having to investigate some phishing emails, which took about an hour but was interesting!

Curtis finished the work day with happy hour where he just had some drinks and chatted with a few people from the office.

Kim’s Day

This mornings first call was great! There were so many people on the call, a couple of people from the west coast too! Earlier in the week, during the quiz game Kim made she asked two questions about scones, the first how to pronounce it and the second was the big question – jam or cream first. The problem was it isnt something that is done in North America so no one really knew how to answer the cream / jam debate. So to settle it Kim did just those two questions to the UK call and it was unanimous for the UK people to pronounce scone NOT like phone and for the Jam to go on first. So that was a good giggle and everyone enjoyed that.

Kim organised some stuff for the cello recital in a few weeks and set up another FedEx pickup.

For the east coast call it was just Kim and someone from the Vancouver office on the call, so they had a good catch up and that was lovely.

In the afternoon Kim made a bunch of signs for in the office and she listened to all the voicemails she had.

To close the day Kim hosted the west coast call, but only one person joined for two minutes before their internet died so Kim called it a day and watched the office instead.

Takeaway Time!

We had a takeaway again tonight, as with every Friday.

We decided on Calabash Bistro which is a Carribbean place.

The food was really delicious! We got Jerk chicken rice with a sweet coleslaw and we got a big chicken curry roti wrap.

After we were in a food coma, we watched some TV and then a stand-up comedy show!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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