Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 297: Vancouver, BC – Document Changing

Curtis’ Day

Curtis did some tickets in the morning for a while and then started on a project, which he did for pretty much all day.

The project was to change a document of all supported software and ensure it is up to date, gather further information and provide people with some more information on it, too.

Curtis had just 1 meeting today, which was to show off something he made for someone and get their feedback, which he now has and can get working on the changes for that.

Kim’s Day

Kims morning was focused on little wins! She updated her mailing project and chased a couple of people, managed to finalise a date for another cello performance and helped people with their phones. She did try a payment that she needs to do again but that didn’t work so she has now reached out to the company and we just have to wait and see!

Today Kim joined in with yoga, but she also had a guided meditation video in there as well and it was great. She really allowed herself to enjoy it and fully immerse into it.

Kim set up another pickup with FedEx in the afternoon and responded to a few emails. She finished the day working on trying to set up a log but she couldn’t get the spreadsheet to do what she needed, so she spent some time researching and trying to work it out. She also out a message out to see if anyone would be able to help, a little while later someone did help so they hopped on a call and managed to get the log to do what it needed! It was just conditioning formatting but Kim couldn’t figure it out on her own at all and was so thankful for the help. Now she has a nicer and more functioning spreadsheet.

Lemon Chicken!

We had homemade lemon chicken with rice for dinner, made by Kim. This was incredibly lemoney which is perfect and exactly how we like it.

We watched some TV and that was the extent of the excitement for the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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