Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 290: Vancouver, BC – Storage Room Racing

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had some admin to do at the start of the day and then got a couple of tickets to get done.

Curtis had a team meeting to discuss some projects and then another meeting to discuss returning to work plans.

After lunch, Curtis had another team meeting for a while and then did a few more tickets, followed by his 1 year check up for work!

We did a couple of trips down to the storage locker, both from our apartment and from the car.

When we were there, we did a couple of races up and down the storage area, completely spontaneous and fun! We won one race each, too.

Kim’s Day

Today Kim spent a lot of her day working on the mailing project! She had to call them and she set up two pickups for people.

Mid morning Kim had a time set aside for games, she wasn’t really feeling it but didn’t want to cancel in case people needed the escape so she went ahead. After a few minutes of waiting there was only one other person on the call so they decided to try again next week.

Later in the morning Kim placed an order for a new dishwasher and a replacement for the kitchen tap. The only option for delivery is for 7am on a Saturday, so Kim and her colleague will head in that morning to be on hand if needed.

In the afternoon Kim also spent some time looking into alternative ways to ship within the UK, but has put that aside to take another look tomorrow.


We were hungry right after work, so we put on some rice and played some games whilst waiting for it to cook.

Kim made egg fried rice for dinner and it was very, very good!

We ate that and then watched the film Blockers.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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