Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 286: Vancouver, BC – Better Luck Next Time!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was up early to get ready for his Hackathon presentation.

He and his team got onto a call and ran through the presentation a few times and really nailed it down!

They were first to present and it went really well!

They were asked a lot of questions and a lot of people were interested!

Plenty of people are using the app now and asking for new features which is exciting!

Curtis and his Hackathon team had a discussion about how they thought it went and had a bit more of a conversation around possible future features and then the winners were announced!

Curtis’ team didn’t even place top three, which they thought they would, but there were some really good applications in this Hackathon!

Curtis had a quick meeting around security with his team and then had some lunch.

After lunch, Curtis played some games with his team as team building but then called it a day as he started early and was very tired!

Kim’s Day

All of the social calls for this Friday were great! They all went over the allotted time and it was wonderful to see so many different faces and have people just enjoy themselves and catch up with people. Kim’s first call was the UK call where we had one guy from the UK and one of Kim’s colleagues in Vancouver join for the call and it was great fun.

After the call Kim spent some trying working in the mailing project so she ended up spending a lot of time setting up shipments for next week and had to call FedEx too.

She then jumped on the east coast weekend windup where we had someone from both east coast offices, one remote worker and a couple of people from the Vancouver office! It was brilliant and so much fun!

Kim spent a lot of the afternoon researching and setting up orders to be placed next week and she did some more stuff for the FedEx shipments next week too. To finish the day Kim joined the Vancouver weekend windup and that one was also fun. A lot of familiar faces and it was great to catch up with them all.

Back To Takeaway Fridays

We both finished work and just did nothing for an hour or so…just relaxing.

We then thought food would be a good idea so we ordered some and spent the rest of the evening eating and relaxing. Back to takeaway Fridays!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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