Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 285: Vancouver, BC – Late Night Hackathon Work!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis spent most of his day getting work done for his Hackathon project.

He had to get some user feedback and testimonies and put them into a PowerPoint with his team and make the PowerPoint flashy!

Curtis spent most of his day doing this and even until around 21:30, doing some run-throughs of the presentation.

Curtis was very tired and drained after this but glad his team is prepared!

Kim’s Day

For most of the morning Kim was in a department meeting which was very interesting. Straight after the meeting Kim had a games time set up. They played a game of fibbage on Jackbox and people really enjoyed it, which is great!

As the game went so well Kim decided to set up another Jackbox game for next week. She is not all that sure what the game is that she has picked but everyone will all learn together!

Kim started her afternoon by booking a courier to drop things off and bring other things back to the office. She then worked in her mailing project and chased a few people before moving on to her FedEx task. She had to go through all invoices since Jan coming into Vancouver. Luckily Kim was able to find a way to pull up a report so that saved her a lot of effort!

Old Apartment Clean (Again!)

Kim went out to clean the old apartment again, mostly just the oven and a few other things.

Kim finally got it to clean which was better than it was doing yesterday!

Kim was at the old place for a few hours after work, but was glad to finally get it sorted!

She had luckily already made dinner so that wasn’t a problem!

Curtis was still working for most of the time Kim was out, too.

Kim eventually got home and we were both so hungry, so we made sure we ate, as it was 22:30!

Kim got her pole dancing pole delivered today so she was very excited about that!

We watched a little bit of TV then went to bed as Curtis had to be early to ensure he and his Hackathon team are prepared for the presentation tomorrow!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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