Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 278: Vancouver, BC – Sandwiches & Midweek Admin

Curtis’ Day

Curtis started the day with a long company wide meeting and then a shorter team meeting, which meant most of the morning went pretty fast!

Curtis did some tickets and then it was already lunch time!

Curtis did a few more tickets and a bit of admin and then it was almost time to wrap up for the day, which was crazy!

Kim’s Day

Kim joined a call that she is helping with in the background. At the end of the call there was a quiz so Kim made note who got which questions right.

Kim went straight into the office after the call and organised everything from after the call. She uploaded the recording of the call and awarded points to those who got the quiz questions right.

Just before yoga Kim found a guided meditation video that they played before doing a shorter yoga video. She then spent some time reorganising the invites to recurring meetings, she reduced yoga down to once a week and to be on a Tuesday and she updated the invite for the lightning talks.

Kim then took some time to shop for things that they need around the office. She also set up an order on Staples.

She finished the day by following up on emails and finishing the toolbox clean up. She now has a lot of stuff to bin or recycle!


For dinner, we had sandwiches. Curtis had a steak and mushroom sandwich, in which he cooked the steak perfectly, and Kim had a mushroom and cheese sandwich.

We then tried to get Kim’s address updated on a few things.

We then watched some TV to wrap up the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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