Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 277: Vancouver, BC – More Stuff!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a pretty quiet day in general. He watched the Zoom webinar and then did a few tickets.

After that, he had his weekly team meeting.

Curtis did a few things in the afternoon but it was pretty slow overall.

Kim’s Day

Kims day started by hosting the midweek catchup! There were just two people but it was such a nice time to hang out and talk. Straight after that Kim joined the health and safety committee meeting and that also went well. There were some great discussions and it was great to see everyone!

Kim then spent a bit of time working through some emails before joining her take a break activity for the week. She decided to try and host a crafting hour where people could use the time to make or work on something to relax. Kim decided to make some cereal bars and someone else worked on creating wrapping paper for a gift box. The crafting time ended up being just 30 minutes but it was good fun!

Kim then went into the office and collected some things to ship out. In order to do that she had to pick up a cardboard box, so she left to go grab that and picked up some cream for her colleague on the way back. Kim then packaged up the box and set up the FedEx drop off.

Kim the had a meeting with her colleague where they caught up from the last week and updated each other on their projects. She was able to get direction and help with her projects which was great!

For some of the afternoon Kim worked on a data management project for one of the teams in the business. It had been a week since the meeting where things were explained so it took Kim a while to really get going! After a while she was flying through it and making good progress.

Kim then had another catch up with her colleague before she headed home via FedEx to drop off the package.

More Stuff!

Kim went out to get another thing for our apartment! She picked up a bookshelf which we can use near the kitchen for a bit more storage.

Kim actually drove to the wrong place first, which was annoying! Typing it into Google Maps didn’t seem to work correctly.

Kim had leftovers for dinner and Curtis had some meatballs.

We watched some TV and relaxed for the rest of the evening, though we did take the recycling down.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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