Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 272: Vancouver, BC – Handy Man!

Curtis’ Day

As the internet was down, Curtis couldn’t really work.

He did check his emails and messages every so often, but there wasn’t much he could do.

That being said, he had breakfast and then went to take Kim her lunch as she forgot it.

Once he got back, he setup the Xbox and then did some handy work!

He first made it so that the toilet paper doesn’t fall off the holder, he just had to twist it a bit to make it straight.

Once he did that, he wanted to figure out how to fix the toilet seat as it was wobbling quite a bit.

After a bit of googling, he figured it out and fixed it! Pretty successful.

Once that was fixed, he vacuumed and did a clothes wash.

The internet eventually came on at around 12:30, so Curtis was able to work from then!

Speaking of work, Curtis got online right in time for team building in which they played a games called Magicka 2.

Once that was finished, Curtis got a bit more work done and then had Zoom happy hour with people from the office.

Kim’s Day

Kim moved the UKs social catchup a little earlier as there was a company wide meeting over the time it usually ran. So she hosted that and had a great time talking with a couple of people there and then joined the meeting.

After the meeting Kim went to FedEx to pick up a box to mail stuff out. Curtis also met her to drop off her lunch as Kim had forgotten it. When she got back to the office Kim had a call with a couple of friends, she loved it! It was so great to speak with them!

Kim then spent some time trying to get a payment to process, but with no luck. She also updated her mailing log with items that have made it back to the office.

At lunch Kim had a friend stop by and they sat very far apart again. It was great to see her and have a quick chat! Its also just nice to see someone in person!

After lunch Kim hosted the east coast catchup, it was quite short and sweet as only a couple of people joined and they didnt stay for long. Kim gathered the FedEx box she picked up earlier, filled it up and set up a FedEx pickup.

As her 1:1 was interrupted earlier on in the week, Kim had moved it to Friday. They had a good catch up and spoke about the office renovations and clean up along.

Straight after that call Kim joined a call with her teammates to have a chat. It was lovely to see how everyone is doing and have a catchup before the long weekend.

Before the west coast catchup Kim sent out an invite for an event next week and organised her calendar for next week. She then hosted the social call and it was lovely. This was the busiest one of the day and it was great to see everyone.

Homer St Cafe

We we hungry when Kim got home so we got some food! We live right by Homer St Cafe now, so we had to try it out.

Kim had pasta with chicken, mushrooms and vegetables while Curtis had boar & beef pasta. Very delicious.

We ate dinner and then watched a bit of TV. Kim then figured out how she wants the fridge layout to work and then she went out to the drug store to get some things.

Once she got back, she had a nice long bath in our new tub!

We watched some more TV and chilled out for the rest of the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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  1. So great to see u on the screen yesterday darling, great to see u guys so happy so proud of what u doing and what u have achieved love u loads Debbie xxxxx

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