Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 264: Vancouver, BC – Positives & Negatives

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a meeting right at 09:00 again. His meeting was successful, and was a discussion between his team with regards to onboarding and how it can be automated.

After this, Curtis reviewed a policy someone had written to see if it had all the required information.

Curtis had a lot of tickets to do in the afternoon, which took up all of his time.

Kim’s Day

The day started with a gratitude call and it was amazing. As part of mental health awareness month Kim decided to have a space where people can share things they ate grateful for. We also took the time to say the positive changes we hope will come around as a result of COVID-19. So many people had beautiful things to share and it was a wonderful event.

Kim then busied herself with a few smaller admin tasks before joining yoga. It was a difficult video to follow along to today, very handstand and handstand heavy, which Kim loved!

When she got back from the veiwing Kim had a call with her colleague about posting stuff and the plan around that. It was great to get a final direction and plan as to what is happening.

After lunch Kim worked on writing up some letters for a company wide meeting coming up. She also invited someone from marketing to a meeting next week to go over all the stock, so great progress there!

Kim then had another meeting. She joined a few colleagues to go over the plans for the upcoming company wide meeting series. They went over how it will work and who is doing what.

To end the day Kim worked on the mail / post project and drafted a bunch of different emails and sent them off for review.

Positives & Negatives

We went to view an apartment together at lunch time, which didn’t last too long, but we LOVED the apartment and the location.

Unfortunately, we found out not too long after that they chose someone else for the apartment, so we cannot have it, which is a shame.

That being said, our evening continued on, and we made some hoisin chicken with rice and vegetables and then sat down to watch TV.

Around 21:00, we got a very positive phone call, which we will see how it transpires tomorrow!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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