Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 261: Vancouver, BC – Deep Clean & Apartment Viewings

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a pretty slow day, but tried to make the most of it.

He did some admin as usual and then had his team meeting.

Curtis got some tickets done and then scheduled some more laptop checkups with people.

Curtis had his weekly team meeting at 13:00, but he had to leave it at around 13:15 as we had an apartment viewing!

Curtis spent the afternoon making a page for new starters to use to get around the different applications and how to login to them etc. This certainly kept him busy!

Our Lunchtime Viewing

We had a viewing at lunchtime, which was just across the street!

It took us all of 5 minutes to get across there.

We really enjoyed the look of this apartment and it’s in the same area we are in now which is a plus.

Kim’s Day

Kim drafted up an invite for her department to have a games lunch on Friday. She then downloaded steam and some games for it.

This week for yoga Kim had to pick a video. The one she found was the perfect length and focused on stretching for beginners, it was really good.

One thing that Kim had forgotten to do was upload the monthly talks to the folder, so she did that and organised the general receptionist email address. Kim doesn’t often use the email address, but there are many folders that don’t make too much sense.

Kim spent some of the afternoon writing up an invite for people to join on a gratitude call this week. May is mental health awareness week or month in different countries so there are lots of activities planned with that in mind.

Deep Clean & 2 More Viewings

We had 2 more viewings in the evening, but first we had to clean! We have people coming to view our apartment tomorrow, so we have to make sure it’s as clean as possible!

We finished that and then walked down to the city.

We looked at the first apartment, it was very small and we didn’t realise it was furnished which wasn’t ideal for us, so we probably won’t be going for that.

We then looked at another that was bigger but a bit old and not in the best location.

We headed home and were hungry, so made sure we had dinner when we got back.

We had vegetable chilli, which was really good!

After dinner, we filled in an application form for the apartment we liked and then relaxed for the rest of the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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