Vancouver, BC

Day 72 – Day 259: Vancouver, BC – Distant Friend Visit

Distant Friend Visit

We had some eggs for breakfast and then Kim got ready to go out.

Kim went out to the shops first to get some masks for when we look at apartments as well as a few other things.

Kim then drove out to see her friend Lucy, distanced, of course.

She sat out on the patio whilst Lucy was in her doorway, just so they could chat in person for a bit, which was well warranted!

We did have a plan to go and see an apartment today, but as we didn’t book in, we have to wait until tomorrow for that.

2 Takeaways In A Week!

When Kim got home, we looked at some more apartments and contacted some of them for viewings.

We then watched a bit of TV but started to get hungry. We both oddly had a craving for McDonald’s, which we haven’t had in what feels like forever, so we ordered one for dinner!

We watched some more TV with dinner, and then played some mini sticks, followed by some Need For Speed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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