Vancouver, BC

Place 73 – Day 250: Vancouver, BC – Back At The Office For A Day

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a quiet day overall.

Curtis had a 2 hour meeting with his team to discuss some projects and plan for future project work, too.

Curtis then did a few tickets that came in, and then a computer checkup.

The rest of his morning was pretty quiet and mostly just admin.

After lunch, Curtis had a meeting with his team again, but this was a training session to learn something from one of the people on the team. This was very interesting!

Curtis had 2 meetings after that followed by doing some tickets and training and then his day was done!

Curtis did some cleaning of the apartment once he finished working and then waited for Kim to come home.

Kim’s Day

Kim joined the last company wide meeting for that series of talking points. Some more big meetings will be arranged for the coming months that will cover different topics.

Kim then played a game of cribbage and her team won! She thinks that she understands the game a little now! After the game Kim updated the wiki page about working from home to add more useful links. The she headed into the big wide world to go into the office.

On the way to work, she saw some beautiful wall art!

Once Kim arrived it was full speed ahead! She emptied the marketing cupboards so she could take stock on what there is in order to buy new cupboards and stuff to keep it all in. Around aorting the marketing stuff Kim also rearranged the whole corner of the office ,she restacked chairs, koved a plant and collected up furniture that she needs to move.

She then moved one of the cupboards and put it round by the printer to be the new stationary cupboard. Kim then emptied the current stationary cupboards from within the kitchen so she can bin the old or broken stuff and reorganise everything into two new cupboards. She put all the daily use stuff next to the printer, along with all the stacks of paper.

While she was in the office, Kim’s teammate came in to the office. They then went out (very far apart from each other) to go and get some lunch. They went to Tim Hortons, picked up a sandwich and then say very that apart in the kitchen back at work to eat lunch. It was very strange, but also nice to have some company, some resemblance od normality and talk to someone face to face!
After lunch Kim had a doctors appointment that was a follow up from the one she had last month and then Kim went straight back into stationary organising!

Towards the end of the day Kim had a meeting with another teammate about all the social events that have been going on and plans for future events. It was great to have a catch up and get an idea of what is coming up.

Kim and her teammate in the office then worked on a few things around the office before Kim headed home!

Busy Evening!

When Kim got home, we took out the recycling and then did our workout!

After our workout, Curtis went to the car to get some of the shop from yesterday which we left in the car for ‘quarantine’.

We then got showered and made our dinner!

Curtis had a steak with mushrooms, potato, onion, carrot and peas.

Kim had a mushroom sandwich for dinner, which was terrific!

After dinner, we played some Need For Speed and watched some TV, but it was already pretty late in the day by this point!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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