Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 244: Vancouver, BC – A New Project

Curtis’ Day

Curtis did some investigating before he had his team meeting.

He had to investigate an email received to see if it is spam or phishing, or who it was meant to be for.

This took him to a website followed by another website and down a bit of a rabbit hole, but it was interesting.

During his team meeting, Curtis and a couple of others were assigned a project to do!

Curtis had some other stuff to do, including another computer checkup, but he got to the project after lunch and did that for the rest of the day.

It’s pretty mundane, just moving things from one folder to another and adjusting permissions, but it needs to get sorted.

Kim’s Day

Its Friday, which means Kim spent a lot of her day on social calls. She started with one for the UK people and had a great chat with them. After the call, she played a game of cribbage, one person has dropped out so Kim has stepped in to complete a team. Her teammate is a gentleman from one of the UK offices! Kim has no idea what she is doing, but enjoyed talking to people. Its unsurprising that Kim’s team lost.

For most of the rest of the morning Kim spent some time doing admin. She emailed her manager with a bunch of questions that she never asked during the 1-1, she orgnaised a game of cribbage, sent out a few invites to other games and events too.
After lunch Kim hosted the East Coast social call, they played a few games of Jackbox, it was hilarious and so much fun!

Kim did a little scheduling and sent out another invite to a quick game she out together for next Wednesday, so that should be fun!

She then spent a while working on the pub quiz, before hosting the west coast social catch up. They had a good chat and also played a round of Skribbl too.

Pizza & Oceans 8

We did our workout and then ordered pizza from our favourite pizza place, Pizza Garden.

This took a while to arrive, but it was worth the wait! We sat and ate that whilst watching Oceans 8, which was a pretty good film.

We played some VR and some other games, as well as watched some TV. Then, we slept.

It’s the weekend again!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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