Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 241: Vancouver, BC – Meal Preparation!

Curtis’ Day

We got our walk in this morning before work and then Curtis started his day.

Curtis was able to get some admin sorted and then he had some tickets to complete.

After these tickets, he started looking at some of the tickets that his team had automatically created with relation to the last time the laptops have been connected to the company network.

Curtis sorted through these for a lot of the day and removed any that weren’t required.

Curtis had a team meeting in which they had to discuss projects and ensure they were planned out correctly. This was his only meeting of the day!

As mentioned, he looked through the automatic tickets and helped a few people out in the afternoon and then ended the day with 30 minutes of reading.

Kim’s Day

This week is the second to last week of the company wide meetings in the morning and it was a shorter meeting too! Kim was due to have a hack team meeting after it, but because the hack day has been delayed, they cancelled the meeting and will revisit in in a few weeks.

After the meeting Kim set up her donut catch ups, she had been lazy and didnt set one up for her last person and everyone has been allocated new people and Kim has been paired up with the big boss of the company! So Kim organised the older one and reached out to the bog boss for their catch up, she and the PA organised it and set everything up!

For the rest of the morning Kim worked on a few things here and there, updating lists that she has and going through her mailboxe to tick off all the older items.

After lunch Kim resent out the weekly social catch ups to go into mid may and move the UKs to a better time. She also decided to invite everyone to all of the social catch ups, that way people can dip in and out when they want and people from across the time zones can chat!

Kim worked on a few quizzes in the afternoon and finished her day with some scheduling!

Shop Again, Workout & Chicken Cobb Salad

Once we finished work, Kim went to the shop to get a few things she forgot yesterday.

When she got back, we did our usual workout which felt really good and then Kim made a really tasty chicken Cobb salad.

Kim also made a vegetarian chilli after we finished eating, in preparation for tomorrow!

We played some Need for Speed and then watched a bit of TV, but it was already quite late by this point, so we didn’t stay up much longer.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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