Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 224: Vancouver, BC – Mini Sticks & Quarantine Queues

Staying In

We were up late, around 12:00, and we had some scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast.

We enjoyed that and watched some TV and then eventually got ready to go out.

Mini Sticks & Quarantine Queues

We went out in the early evening to go to the supermarket and to Canadian Tire.

We went to get our weekly shop as well as headed to Canadian Tire for some stick on LED lights, as well as some mini sticks for something fun to do!

We had to queue for a bit of time to get into the supermarket, but that is definitely a good thing!

There was more than enough stuff in there for us to buy, so we got our weekly shop completed.

Curry Leftovers & Uncut Gems

We watched some YouTube whilst we ate leftover curry and then we watched the film Uncut Gems.

The film was a little confusing and we didn’t really know what the point of it was or what it was even about.

Either way, we watched it.

We finished the night with some Need For Speed as well as a couple of small TV shows.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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