Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 215: Vancouver, BC – Spanish Banks

Curtis’ Day

Curtis felt pretty tired this morning, but nothing some coffee couldn’t fix!

He had his regular team meeting and did a bunch of tickets in the morning.

He had a meeting at 12:00, in a similar vein to his other project meetings, finding out requirements and current processes.

After that, he had some lunch and then most of the afternoon, around doing tickets and creating a process for Major Incidents, he and his team did some team building.

They played some Jackbox Games and then some Rocket League, both of which were certainly fun!

Curtis did a little more work after that and then played a little bit of xbox.

Kim’s Day

Kim’s day was full of meetings! She started her day with a company wide meeting where she learned a lot about the product of the company.

After this Kim had a small amount of time where she caught up on messages and emails before joining a webinar about introducing fun into the workplace. It was really interesting and covered things like personalities and how differently people will prefer to relax. It has helped Kim with planning social events for the coming weeks!

Kim then went straight into another meeting, this time it was her 1-1 with her manager. It was great to catch up and check in with each other.

After this Kim caught up with all the other people in her team to go over the things she has planned for remote social activities. Then all the same people joined more people in a more social catch up call to keep that face to face interaction going.

Towards the end of the call Kim got a little emotional as I think it all got a bit much, the isolation and future uncertainty really crept up and got to Kim. She ended up on an hour long call with her teammate, just the two of them and they had a great deconstruction of what Kim was feeling and a good catch up. It was good to talk it out, know that there is support and they can lean on each other at the moment.

After that call Kim felt 10 times lighter and felt like she also had more direction and clarity on things to do. So she worked on a communication to send out to let people know of the events that will be coming up. She also reached out to other people in the company to ask for support and to champion certain activities. Kim also made note of other activities she thinks will be good fun!

Spanish Banks

We got a suggested from Kim’s colleagues to get ourselves to Spanish Banks and walk there…It was great!

We hopped in the car and made the 15 minute drive out to it. Finding parking was very easy…and then we just walked!

It’s a pretty big beach, with beautiful views of mountains and a great skyline.

It was a little chilly, but it was beautiful and great to get outside again.

After our long walk, we drove back home and on the way, stopped at the supermarket and petrol station.

When at the petrol station, Kim realised she didn’t have her credit card!

We went to the supermarket next and it was there, which was lucky.

We got back home and Kim made sweet potato wedges for us to enjoy whilst watching some TV for the remaining couple of hours of the day.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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