Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 205: Vancouver, BC – Homemade Lemon Chicken!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a very busy day, especially compared to last week.

There were a lot of tickets coming in all day and Curtis took as many as he could to keep himself busy.

Curtis had a team meeting at 13:00 which lasted an hour.

Once that was done, Curtis had some lunch.

Post lunch, Curtis went to ask someone a question and ended up staying with them for an hour, testing some user experiences and answering questions on it, as well as giving opinions.

Curtis finished the day up with some admin and some final tickets.

Kim’s Day

Kim started a new Wiki page today, she isn’t sure about this one so she didn’t put too much time into it, but she did put an overview in and make a few notes. The delivery then came in so she put away all the shopping.

Kim had a meeting with her manager and it went really well! They went over a few things about the office that Kim is planning on moving around and spoke about events that will be coming up. After this meeting Kim spent the rest of her morning saving invoices.

Before lunch Kim put the dishwasher on because her colleague ordered new bowls and forks!

A colleagues nephew was in the office and was there to help out, Kim had been asked if there were any administrative tasks that he could help with. She had to remove all of the old and unused table legs from the storage room and chuck them in a recycling bin. It took one trip with two trolleys to empty all the legs from storage and now there is so much more room!

Kim spent a bit of the afternoon setting up a gaming console that she found and answering emails.

More Mice!

We got back home after work and saw a mouse scuttle past in front of us as we walked in!

We couldn’t find it anywhere, so assumed it went back to its little cave.

Kim walked up to the shop and whilst she did that, Curtis got his hockey stuff sorted for tomorrow’s game, as well as fitting his new hockey visor which finally arrived…it was the perfect size and fit!

Homemade Lemon Chicken

We made homemade Lemon Chicken with homemade egg fried rice.

This was incredible!

The sauce was incredibly sticky and flavourful and then chicken was friend to perfection.

We will be making that again!

Kim went out to the hot tub and then hopped in the shower.

We watched a little more TV and then went to bed early.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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