Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 186: Vancouver, BC – Midweek Foot Scrub

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had nothing planned for the day, but then had a few long-winded but interesting things to do from tickets he received, which were interesting.

That took up most of the morning, as well as a meeting which was to learn about a new company wide initiative.

Curtis had a grilled cheese for lunch and then after that he did something else long winded, followed by some policy writing and then a quick bit of training at the end of the day.

Curtis went to the shop on the way home from work to get some things we needed, mostly lunch items.

Kim’s Day

Kim was in nice and early today to set up for a company wide meeting. She reorganised the kitchen, took furniture out and helped set up the food. She then sat in on the meeting and had some breakfast. At the end she cleared it down and put all the furniture back to where is belongs.
Kim spent some of her morning catching up on emails and working on the social events list she started yesterday. She decided to then go back through it and add in the public holidays for the 3 countries needed so as to have a nice and clear idea of when not to book things.

She then had a late organised meeting with her colleague where they caught each other up on stuff outaide of work and made a plan for some of the social events and the upcoming months.

After this Kim sat down for a small while to have a late lunch before going into her first proper meeting with her new boss! They talked about what Kim does, how she plans to progress and just had a nice little get to know each othee catch up.

For the last bit of the afternoon Kim worked on the social dates a little more before heading out to get the car fixed. She ended up not being able to get it fixed, but she did drop off the wheel to be fixed and will pick it back up on Saturday

Midweek Foot Scrub

Kim had a great time on reception duties at Tantra this evening. After she and two friends went out for a foot scrub to relax and treat themselves. It was amazing!

Curtis chilled out in the evening, as well as some laundry.

Kim got home fairly late, but we still had time to make chicken carbonara!

We caught up on some videos and TV after being away for the weekend and then went to bed.

This Time Last Year!

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