Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 185: Vancouver, BC – Trying To Repair The Tyre

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had quite a bit of admin to do in the morning, but before that he was asked for some help by someone as they couldn’t get their laptop docking station working.

Curtis got that fixed and continued with his admin.

He had a few meetings today, some for projects and some for other things such as planning what he will do for training for the year and a few other things.

Curtis got a few tickets done, but the day was fairly quiet, but it did give him some time to do some project work and some training, which he appreciated.

At lunch, Curtis went out and got lemongrass chicken and noodles which was really tasty!

Kim’s Day

Kim got herself set up for the week, confirmed a catering order for the Toronto office and packed away the groceries.
Later in the afternoon Kim took the new hire on their office tour, which was strange as its her new boss! It was great to properly meet her and get to have a little chat with her. Then the whole team went our for a lovely lunch! Kim had a chicken salad and it was delicious!

She then spent her afternoon focusing on getting information together about events for the year and reconciling the credit card.

Kim headed out from work early to try to get the car fixed. She took the train home and must have dropped her train pass on the train as when she went to leave it was nowhere to be found!

She remembers seeing someone pick something up after hearing something close to her drop on the floor. So maybe they picked it up thinking it was theirs. Obviously this is on a day Kim was tight on time and the transit police were there. Luckily (and very unluckily) Kim had just topped the card up so only had to pay a $5 exit fee rather than the $170 no ticket fee. Kim was NOT happy!

Trying To Get The Tyre Repaired

Kim got home and got the car to try and get the tyre repaired.

She got there and they said they’ll need to repair it, which will take 30 minutes, which was perfect!

Unfortunately, they were unable to do this as it has a sensor in it that they don’t have.

We’ll need to take it somewhere tomorrow, but needed to drive on it tonight, but should be all fine!

We went off to Curtis’ hockey game which is a 22:00 start, so we’ll update about that tomorrow.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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