Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 184: Vancouver, BC – Valentine’s Festivities

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had, as with most Friday’s now, a meeting filled day.

His first meeting was his daily team meeting, which was then followed by a meeting with a colleague to discuss some notes they’d made regarding their project and to see if Curtis could help out at all.

After that meeting, there was a couple of hours break in which Curtis got some tickets done.

Curtis then had a 3 hour long meeting with his team to discuss the week’s work, projects and plans for future projects.

After that, it was 14:00 and lunchtime.

There was a cookie decorating thing happening at Curtis’ work for valentine’s Day, but he didn’t take part.

After lunch, Curtis didn’t have anything planned but then had to help someone out with some password issues they were having, which took an hour or so.

Curtis did a couple of other things and then chatted with a few people who were in the lounge having some drinks.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent her morning doing a virtual clean up. She deleted old files and emails and reorganised folders too. She also listened to her voicemails.

Just after lunch Kim went out to get a hot chocolate with a lady from work as it was the last day of the hot chocolate festival!
In the afternoon Kim set up and enjoyed the valentines day celebrations!

She put the games and fun things out that she made: draw the heart on the emoji and match the foreign love phrase to the English translation and its language a TV with Romcom best moments playing. She also put out a few plates of snacks and made an alcoholic slushie.

She then ordered catering for the office in Toronto and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon catching up with everyone!

Kim worked out the winner of the game and then headed home a little early as she had a doctor’s appointment to get to.

When she was at the optician last week, Kim mentioned that she had lost a little vision temporarily when she had the migraine a few months ago. The optician then suggested that Kim look into that further and made a referral to head to the doctors.

Kim spoke with the doctor about this and she now has more tests and appointments to head to over the next couple of weeks. She is all fine, just taking steps to keep healthy and safe!


We have a busy weekend!

Firstly, Curtis had a hockey game this evening.

After Kim got back from her appointment, we had some leftovers for dinner and then headed to the rink.

Curtis’ hockey game was close! Curtis didn’t continue his point streak, but did score a shootout goal and his team won in a shootout against the top placed team!

We got packed for the weekend and went to bed!

We are heading off to Comox tomorrow to spend some time with Brody, who is Canadian but we met him in New Zealand! We’ve got some fun stuff planned so it should be a fun filled long weekend!

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