Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 182: Vancouver, BC – Where Did The Day Go?!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a productive day, but not massively busy.
He mostly dealt with 2 or 3 different tickets throughout the day, trying to get to the bottom of the issues.

He did deal with a problem through Microsoft who he had to speak with on the phone a few times and he gathered files for Microsoft to review and troubleshoot.

Curtis got someone’s new laptop setup completed and took that to them and then it turns out he sat with them for the rest of the afternoon helping them get a few things configured and making sure all their files etc were there. He also setup the docking station for them and made sure that works.

Curtis’ day went insanely fast, which is a good thing!

Kim’s Day

Kim spent most of her day picking up odd jobs that she had been putting off, around when visitors were coming in and out.
In the morning Kim helped set up the conference room for a larger meeting. She also greeted everyone as they arrived and organised meeting rooms for people who arrived early and wanted somewhere to hide and work.

Kim then ordered catering to arrive for next week and then after lunch printed out her valentine’s day game and got it all ready to be played.

Towards the end of the day Kim hung around in the office so she could help clear away after the meeting.

Productive Evening

Curtis got home and took out the bins. Once he did that, he cleaned down the countertops in the kitchen and then he vacuumed apartment.

After vacuuming, Curtis sorted the laundry and made his lunch.

Kim went off to her helping at the pole place and when she got back we had some hoisin chicken and pasta for dinner.

We watched a bit of TV and headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

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