Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 180: Vancouver, BC – New Glasses For All! 👓

Curtis’ Day

After Curtis got to work, he got an email stating that his new glasses had shipped! He wasn’t expecting them for a week, so this was great news!

Curtis got his glasses and was very happy with them. He did need to get them slightly adjusted, though.

Curtis did some ticket work and throughout the day he continued trying to do something he was doing on Friday (it still didn’t work).

Curtis also had to do an onboard in the afternoon for someone that starts on Wednesday as they are an urgent temp.

Curtis continued to fight with the thing he couldn’t get to work on Friday and then decided just to log a support ticket with the company instead as that’s far easier.

Kim’s Day

Kim went in early to be sure she was there when the grocery shopping arrived and then it arrived just after 9! At least she had an hour to get things done! She put the shopping away and then continuted working on the floor plan for another office. Kim was really struggling with getting the shapes right, so she ended up copying the floor plan into the drawing thing and copying over it using the tools in the software! It turned out really great!

Kim also worked on some business cards for someone who is in town and tried making a Vancouver 2010 Olympics highlight reel on PowerPoint. After a while she gave up with this idea and then went to make a playlist to find that other people have already done it. So Kim plans to now just use the other already made!

After lunch Kim sorted some paperwork for a course she will be taking in a few weeks and continued on the floor plan. Its coming along nicely and is now at roughly 80% completion, which is great!

After work Kim popped back to the opticians and picked out some glasses!

New Glasses for All!

Curtis met Kim at the optometrist and helped her pick out some glasses. Eventually, we got a pair that looked good and got them ordered.

Right after that, Curtis got his glasses adjusted and away we went! Very successful.

We walked back home right from there.

We watched some TV whilst Kim had something light for dinner and then she went off to training.

Curtis had some sweet chilli chicken with rice and vegetables and played some games whilst also doing some laundry.

Kim got back home fairly late, so we got ready for tomorrow and headed to bed, after a brief bit of TV to relax.

This Time Last Year!

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