Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 178: Vancouver, BC – Anniversary Dinner!

Kim’s Evening Last Night

Kim went to the naughty but nice sex expo for the evening! Before that she and her friend went out for Korean food and a nice catch up!

After dinner they headed over to the Tantra Pole Dance booth at the expo to drop off their bags before getting ready and exploring the convention. It was amazing!

There were so many booths that had so many items to sale and to look at!

They headed back to the booth after their walk around and did a few demos on a stage pole at the booth and helped with sales!

The booth was right at the main stage so everyone was able to watch all the performances including Canada best male strippers, an amazing dance crew and the competition for pole studios in Vancouver.

At the end of her first shift Kim helped on stage by cleaning the pole and making sure it was on spinny or non spinny for a pole competition. It went well for the first person, but the second persons music didn’t work so Kim tried to help out and then when the 3rd clean happened Kim realised she didn’t have the allen key to unlock the pole! It was terrible!

Eventually the owner managed to get it all sorted and fixed and Kim can only assume that she put it down while helping with the music and just couldnt find it again! It wasn’t the end of the world, but Kim did feel terrible!

The other half if her shift Kim helped on pole, sales and hoop! It was so much fun. She managed to do a couple of mini hoop routines, which was great fun!

At the end Kim then walked back to work to pick up some stuff and then took the train home.

Anniversary Dinner

On Tuesday, we will be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary! We decided that a Saturday was a better day to celebrate then the Tuesday!

We woke up pretty late today, had some breakfast and then Curtis watched hockey and Kim went out to Winners to see if they had any tops…They did not.

We went out for dinner to a place called Brix & Mortar, just a 20 minute walk from us.

We got there and the staff were terrific, providing excellent service right from the start.

We let them know it was our anniversary and they gave us a free glass of prosecco!

We shared some focaccia bread and then for main Kim had tagliatelle with mushrooms and Curtis had a AAA beef tenderloin with a German potato hash with bacon and a delicious sauce.

Our food was great but we still had some room for dessert.

The server was so lovely and she got us a free dessert to go along with our desserts we ordered.

Kim got a chocolate and praline dessert which was very creamy and chocolatey and Curtis got s coffee cheesecake which was exactly as you would expect…coffee flavoured!

We got a free lemon Panna Cotta which was really nice as a palette cleanser at the end of our meal.

We finished our bottle of wine and walked home, a little merry, but we had a great time and some terrific food.

Brix & Mortar

Our Rating:- 10/10

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale