Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 174: Vancouver, BC – Amazing Training & 2 Goals!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was pretty busy with tickets all morning and each of them was a little different so time flew by! He setup a tablet at reception to be used as the sign in sheet instead of the paper being used before.

After lunch, Curtis tried to get some training done, and got about 30 minutes in before people asked for things to be done!

Curtis finished the day ordering some things which he got approved to buy and then went to meet Kim to walk home.

Kim’s Day

Kim collected up and organised some hoodies to send out and then went into two back t back meetings! The first meeting was a very productive 1-1 with a colleague and then a group meeting to go over the plans going forward for large scale meetings.

After the meetings Kim set up the package of hoodies to be sent out with another item to go. She worked out the price of shipping to include the hoodies in the shipment but it came to an additional $500 so Kim decided against sending the large shipment and just sent the one smaller item.

For lunch Kim popped over to the supermarket and had a nice little sit down.

For the afternoon Kim looked at a few different catering options and drew up a menu that she thinks she will order.

Kim also coordinated with a couple of youth centres in regards to a potential donation of things, and she found one that would like all the items.

As a result Kim has opened the floor to people in the company to bring in things for donation to go to the Youth Centre. She popped out an email and set up a table in the kitchen to make it easy for people to donate!

Amazing Training & 2 Goals!

Kim loved her pole lesson today! It was a great recap session of some of the other lessons and Kim was able to get a move from a couple of weeks ago that she hadn’t managed back then. It was a great success.

Curtis had a hockey game and Kim had the car, so Curtis got a lift with 2 teammates. He met them at the train station car park just up the road.

Curtis had just 5-10 minutes to get changed but made it in time!

Curtis had a great game, getting 2 goals, being on for 3 of his team’s goals and winning 7-2! Big game and really enjoyable!

This Time Last Year!

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