Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 162: Vancouver, BC – Roasted Peppers & Cous-Cous

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a very busy day! He did an onboard for half the day and then setup the desk for that person too.

Once he did that, and whilst he was doing that, he kept getting questions left right and centre from people, as well as tickets, so he had more than enough to for to the day.

He had a call with someone to try and get some stuff fixed for them, which he was able to!

Curtis left and was able to meet Kim at sportchek where she was returning an item.

Kim’s Day

This morning Kim worked on the Wiki project and cleared up in the office. With the Wiki Kim really made good process on the project and put together all the things she had to do! She also tried securing the shelving unit to the wall, but had no luck.
Kim sat with her colleagues for lunch. After this, Kim spent a while trying to figure out why the xbox isn’t working, but with no luck!

Then in the early afternoon went out with two people to get a hot chocolate as Vancouver is currently having a Vancouver hot chocolate festival.

Kim then placed the food order for next week and then continued the tidy up by folding up a bunch of unused, branded tops.

Roasted Peppers & Cous-Cous

We got home and Curtis got some cleaning done, whilst Kim went out to training.

Tonights class was brilliant. Kim finally nailed a move that she has wanted to do forever! Its not even a difficult move, she just couldn’t get her head around it. The main focus of the class was a beautiful and brilliant combo that Kim really enjoyed.
After class Kim went to home depot and a supermarket to get stuff for work and then dropped it off at work!

After training, Kim had some stuff to buy for work, so she went to get that and then had to also needed to do a couple of other things, all of which she got done so she was very happy with that!

When Kim got back home, we had roasted garlic and tomato cous-cous inside grilled peppers…delicious!

We ate that and then watched some TV.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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