Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 161: Vancouver, BC – Moving The Coat Rack

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got a lot of ticket work done but nothing much more beyond that.

At 14:00, he walked with a couple of people to the think-tank, which is a space for off-site meetings and working etc.

The company is getting rid of this, so Curtis had to scope out the area and see what needs to be taken down and moved back to the office, so he did that for around an hour.

He got back and did some more ticket work and then was able to leave at a good time.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent a lot of her morning going through emails and setting up meeting room bookings. After this, Kim went through and reconciled some transactions.

In the early afternoon Kim went through and set up three different catering requests and also drew up a plan for the large pizza order she will place the following day to arrive on Friday.

Kim then swapped the bookshelves around from her desk and the kitchen. This will give Kim more space at front desk and make the book swap and games shelves look less empty.

Kim then reorganised and tidied up around front desk.

Moving The Coat Rack

We got home and Kim had decided it was a good idea to move the coatrack we have on the wall, for 2 reasons. The first being that it was too close to other things and then second being that we believed it wasn’t in studs, just in drywall, which isn’t as safe.

We moved that when we got back home, or at least started to, and then Kim went out to help at her pole studio.

Once she got back, we finished sorting it out and now it’s in the perfect location and safe!

We had some time in the evening so we watched some TV.

This Time Last Year!

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