Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 148: Vancouver, BC – Eventful Evening!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had yet another busy day, but he was able to get something fixed that has not been working for a while now, with regards to the migration he’s working on at the moment, which was a big plus!

Curtis did a lot of that throughout the day, as well as an onboard for someone in Carolina.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent a lot of her morning taking phone calls and getting a few smaller things done. She also started on making a new floorplan for the Vancouver office, as no one has the original of the one currently used.

After lunch, Kim had a meeting with 2 colleagues to go through what the social events in the company will look like going forward. After this meeting they all stayed for another meeting with a different department.

After those Kim spent some more time on the floorplan and then did some detective work to figure out a few charges on cards that we need receipts for.

Eventful Evening!

We went to Sportchek before walking home, to get ourselves some beanie hats to wear whilst skiing, as well as during the cold days, which are certainly coming!

We finished at Sportchek and began to walk home. As we began to do so, a man was shouting in general, but than began to get closer and closer to us. He actually ended up shouting directly at us and he kicked Curtis, lightly, for some reason. We called the police to let them know and they wanted us to wait for them and speak with them about it.

The policeman arrived as we spoke with spoke about the incident. We thought we should let them know about it, just in case.

If that wasn’t enough, when we got home we noticed that Kim had stepped in poop, so we had to deal with that too!

An eventful evening ended, we relaxed and then made a veggie chili con carne which turned out incredibly delicious.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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