Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 142: Vancouver, BC – Back to Productivity

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a productive busy day!

More and more work is cropping up now, as people begin to return to work.

Curtis dealt with a few tickets at the start of the day, had a meeting to discuss a new project with a colleague and then did some more ticket and purchasing work.

Curtis’ team had a long, 1 hour, meeting and then after that, Curtis had lunch.

He completed a few more tasks after this and then it was beer o’clock. Curtis sat with colleagues and had a chat until the end of the day.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent a good part of her morning drawing up business cards for people. This took a while as there was a bit of back and forth with a few tweaks each time.

After this Kim spent a lot of the day working on parts of the wiki project. After her lunch Kim then did the orders for the UK office and the Vancouver office.

She then went out to pick up the drinks for the first Friday afternoon drinks of the year! She then set these up and continued working on the project.

New Series

We walked home together and then Kim had to go out to training. She spent a couple of hours training and she enjoyed it!

Once she got back, Curtis made hoisin chicken and rice and we watched some TV.

We were looking for a new series to start as we finished The Good Place already! We started watching Living with Yourself.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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