Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 135: Vancouver, BC – Weekend Already?

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got to work at the perfect time and then spent basically all day doing the same thing!

He was trying to export something and import it to a new place.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work that way and Curtis had to try and get it done in different ways.

Curtis did get some other project work done, too.

Curtis walked home fast to watch hockey!

Kim’s Day

Kim spent most of her day doing the same two things, sending things out via mail and sorting through her expenses. She did also catch up on emails in the morning and in the afternoon Kim went through and sorted a few of her flagged emails, which was great!

For lunch Kim went out with a friend in the office. They both had burgers and had a great catch up! When Kim got back, she handed out more ice lollies and ice cream!

Double Silks Training

After she got home, Kim went off to Silks!

She had a really good time, though she definitely felt it!

Once she got back, we watched more of The Good Place.

It’s crazy that’s it is Friday already and we have a couple of days off again…This time of year is odd.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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