Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 134: Vancouver, BC – Boxing day 2019


Kim went out to feed the cats in the morning and when she got back, she made crepes for breakfast!

These were filled with Kinder Bueno minis and we had strawberries on top! Delicious.


We did nothing for most of the day again, which was perfect, though we did go out for a coffee.

Luckily, we even went during happy hour at Starbucks which meant we got buy one get one free!

We then went on to the shop to get a couple of things and then back home.

KitKat Cabin

We made a cabin out of KitKats, which was something Kim had bought. It was pretty fun, but a little easy!


We watched some TV and then had dinner!

We had leftovers from yesterday which were still as delicious as they were then.

We watched The Good Place for a while and got ready for work tomorrow.

We tried one of the cocktail mixes with some Jameson whiskey, which was a Manhattan, which is cherry flavoured. It was actually quite nice!

It’s weird to be going back on a Friday, but it also means it’s basically the weekend again!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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