Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 131: Vancouver, BC – FREE Star Wars Screening!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a busy start to the day, helping multiple people at once!

He then tried to get a PC setup for use in the lounge so that films could be played on it, but the sound wasn’t working, so it took a while to get that sorted but it eventually worked, after Curtis’ colleague pointed something out.

After that, Curtis got some tickets done and did some administration and configuration with things that were missing in the new helpdesk software, which his team have moved to using now.

Curtis met Kim for lunch and we had Quiznos!

Curtis got back to work and did some project work, which was just deleting accounts from an application.

It got to the end of the day and Curtis walked up to meet Kim at her work.

Kim’s Day

As Kim was away the last 2 days of last week she had a fair few emails to catch up on!

Once she sorted those out she had to get a fair few deliveries ready, she packed up 2 and had them ready for FedEx and then she wrote up the addresses for a further 40 deliveries to go out.

Once Kim got back from lunch she finished sorting the addresses and then put ice cream out in the kitchen for those who are in the office.

Kim then organised all of the Canadian things to be sent out, she popped them all in envelopes, stuck the addresses on and sorted the postage.

Kim noticed it was suddenly quite late in the afternoon and the FedEx packages hadn’t been picked up, then when she checked online it looked as though there was no delivery scheduled. This was not great news as it meant she had to run across and drop both the boxes off to a FedEx point.

Once she got back Kim popped to the post box to mail the deliveries and then ordered ink for the postage machine.

Star Wars!

Kim got contacted by a company (which weirdly, Curtis’ company uses) to go to a marketing event in which they would show a demo of their software, provide pizza & drinks and then showing the new Star Wars!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Our Rating:- 8.5/10

We thought the ending was a little weak, but overall a good fun movie.

We left here and walked back home where we relaxed for a couple of hours and then slept.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale