Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 127: Vancouver, BC – Good Money For Charity

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got to the office at a good time and got caught up.

He checked a backup he was doing for a project and that seemed to be done, so he got that project ticked off right away!

After his brief team meeting, Curtis got on with some tickets that had come in, either over the weekend or the start of the day.

Curtis had a brief chat with some colleagues regarding the hackathon happening at the end of the weekand he then was meant to have a meeting with Zoom but they never showed up!

Curtis had his weekly team meeting where a few answers to questions were provided and a few things spoken about by the team, which was positive.

After lunch, Curtis had to sort out the auction.

The auction finished at 15:00, so Curtis spent the rest of his workday reading the bids, figuring out who won and then a few other caveats. There was a rule for one person to only win 2, which was a problem when pretty much the top 5 people were the same on every one of the 21 laptops!

It took a while, but Curtis got most of the winners notified and asked them to bring money tomorrow.

The company has made around $11000 from each office for the laptops, half of which will be going off to charity!

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day by organising fruit and delivering post to everyone. After this she had a meeting in regards to the intranet and the plans for it going forward.

After the meeting Kim went out to get baileys for hot chocolates tomorrow, she also got some chocolates for the front desk.

When she got back into the office Kim had some lunch and then organised some of the decorations from the party. She has now got some twinkly lights on in the kitchen and a small army of snowmen behind her desk.

Car Sitting

We got home and Curtis got his hockey stuff ready and in the car.

Whilst Curtis was doing that, Kim was making fajitas! The fajitas were delicious, as you’d expect.

We watched some videos and then both Curtis and Kim jumped in the car to go to Kim’s pole class.

Curtis went with Kim and sat in the car as he had a hockey game shortly after Kim’s session finished.

After the session, they headed to the rink for Curtis’ game.


The hockey game was another close one! Curtis played a lot more defensive this game and it seemed to help out.

The team Curtis was playing was the top placed team, but Curtis’ team won 2-1!

We came back home, Kim had some dinner and we then went to bed.

This Time Last Year!

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