Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 213: Vancouver, BC – Glamming Up!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got to work early today, so that he can make time up for a couple of hours he wants to take off next Thursday.

Curtis had a bit of time to himself in the quite, in which he was able to be very productive!

Curtis did pretty much just ticket work for most of the day, but he also watched a demo for some software that the team is looking at getting, as well as a bit of work on the team’s new helpdesk software, which he has to get configured for the team to use.

Curtis was asked to be one of the people to help look after the new nitro brew coffee. They recently got nitro hot coffee and nitro cold brew, so Curtis had to learn about how to maintain that.

Curtis left the office and met Kim so we could go for a bit of shopping!

Kim’s Day

Kim spent most of her morning running around and collecting the last few things she needs before the party tomorrow and closing up a lot of mini tasks.

Before Kim left to go on lunch she was surprised with a bottle of wine and some coasters from a team in the office! It was totally unexpected and so lovely!

Kim then headed out to the hotel for a holiday lunch that they put on! Kim and a colleague went down, had a brilliant couple of hours catching up with our reps, enjoying great food and even winning prizes!

When she got back to the office Kim had a small meeting with her teammate about the party and all the other upcoming events!

Kim then stocked the mini fridge with drinks so it can be ready for an all day meeting that is taking place tomorrow.

Glamming Up

We went to a couple of shops before heading home.

We went first to find Curtis a waistcoat and tie for tomorrow’s Christmas party.

We stopped at Topman, but there weren’t any options he liked there.

We then went to H&M and he found the perfect combination.

We went down to Gastown for Kim to look in a shop she had been recommended to look at for dresses.

This was an independent store and the staff were incredibly nice!

Kim found the perfect dress and so she bought that.

We took the train back home and then Kim left to go to training.

The class tonight was hard, but Kim really enjoyed it! She managed one of the moves and even learned a new way to invert, which is amazing!

Curtis watched hockey whilst Kim was out.

Kim was going to come right home, but found out that her friend had the nail varnish she was looking for, so she went to her place to borrow that instead!

Kim stopped off at a couple of shops on the way home, so that she could return a few items she had bought.

Once Kim got home, we watched some TV and then got some sleep…Curtis felt tired after his early start today!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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