Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 204: Vancouver, BC – Backpack Donation

Curtis’ Day

Curtis’ day, whilst very productive, was pretty same, same!

He had to get 2 onboards setup, but they are to be based in Denver, which takes a bit more work.

Curtis had to get into the laptop that was in Denver, which always takes a while! He eventually got into both, but it did take up some time.

Curtis setup the user accounts, and had to do a lot extra with the phone setup, which took an hour in itself!

Curtis finished setting up both by around 15:30, when he had a quick meeting/chat with someone from the legal team with regards to a project he wanted to get started.

The rest of the day was Curtis catching up on tickets.

Kim’s Day

While Kim was setting up the catering for the day long meeting arrived, which is great because she had completely forgotten that it was arriving. Kim set that up in the meeting room ans then went to make a coffee pot. While the coffee was brewing, Kim organised everything to go with it, milks and sugars. As she went to take it through, she realised she had brewed a whole pot but didn’t put any beans in the filter, she just brewed hot water. Not ideal! She sorted it all out and took it into the meeting.

Kim spent most of the morning on ad hoc tasks like looking into ordering food and starting all of the weekly shops!

The cleaning supervisor came in again to check up on the things that had been listed, a fair few of the items had been done, so they had a walk around to check in.

After her lunch Kim and the marketing team headed to Starbucks! They took all 22 bags, 20 from the company and 2 donated from someone else, to Starbucks to go towards their 300 backpack goal.

Kim also reached out to the charity directly to see if they would accept donations at a later date as some people would love to help but aren’t in the office until later in the week, so fingers crossed they will be able to help out a little more.

For the social new hire lunch Kim is orgnaising the festive addition of Guess the Song. So she drew up the team answer sheets and made a brilliant playlist of Winter, Christmas and Hanukkah songs!

There also may or may not be a Disney song included also! She is now even more excited for the event now that the playlist is put together!

Kim then spent the rest of the afternoon drawing up the slideshow that captures the last year at EP, its coming together nicely and Kim has managed to make it nice and fully automatic so it will just run in the background!

Lock Problems

Before Kim went off to training, we went to move the tyres from inside the car to our storage locker.

When we got to the storage locker, we were unable to unlock it! The combination was what it has always been, but it just would not unlock.

After some time, Curtis managed to get it to open and it turns out that it somehow changed the combination, which is suspicious!

That meant that we could get the tyres put away, but it was just a strange situation.

Kim went off to training and Curtis relaxed at home.

Today was Kim’s first class in the next level up at pole training!

She was so nervous but realised that she had already learnt a few of the moves back in the UK, so it was a great lesson to start on.

Kim is really looking forward to the challenges that this class will bring! She loves the new teacher and has been in a few classes with her and having her as a teacher, so its a really easy transition into this class!

When Kim got back home from training, we watched a bit more TV and then went to sleep at a good time.

Curtis didn’t sleep well at all last night, for no apparent reason, so it was a good idea to sleep early.

This Time Last Year!

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