Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 192: Vancouver, BC – Beginning Exciting Training

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a pretty busy start to the day, which was a change from the last few days.

Curtis had a demo for some software at 12:30 but during that he had to deal with a bunch of questions and investigation with regards to some possible spam emails.

In the afternoon, it was a little quieter. Curtis got some ticket based work done, setup a laptop and the did a little bit of reading and training for an exam he is hoping to take.

Curtis had a beer with his colleague at the end of the day, because why not!

Kim’s Day

Again, Kim spent most of her day preparing for the holiday party.

Kim started with looking into a floor plan and seeing how the tables and other furniture would fit into the space, this then opened up into a meeting with her two teammates and they made some good decisions about most of the things.

Kim then ordered the pizza for the Vancouver office for tomorrows social talks.

After a while of other administrative work Kim went out on a different person from the company for the pair up meet ups. They went to a wonderful Japanese restaurant and had a wonderful time.

When Kim got back she went through all the RSVPs and got to a final amount of attendees! She the sent out emails to most of her vendors for the holiday party to finalise something’s and for more information on others.

Kim then decided to go through her expenses and matched up all the easy transactions, allowing Kim to just find the more complicated ones tomorrow.

Kim then updated the notes for the holiday party and really filled out the timeline for the evening with vendor arrival, key points and food change times. It was really successful.

As Kim left work late she had to walk quickly home to get changed and head straight to pole.

Back on Track

Curtis watched the Maple Leafs get back on track tonight, with A new coach and getting a win.

Kim’s pole class was amazing. Kim was feeling stronger and less tired than last week and the class covered the 2 moves Kim asked to be covered!

It was brilliant, she had wanted to.learn these loves for a while and even tried to self teach them a few weeks ago, but there were funny little tricks and important parts she would have missed. It was a great lesson and Kim loved it.

After Kim got back, we shopped online for a new purse and handbag for her as there was a sale on online.

We finished that up, watched some TV and then went to bed.

Curtis has a hockey game tomorrow night, which he is excited for!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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