Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 191: Vancouver, BC – SLA Crafting

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got to work quite early today, which gave him time to plan for the day and complete some admin.

Curtis had some ticket things to keep him busy, as well as writing out the team’s SLA document.

In the afternoon, he had a 1 hour team meeting which was incredibly productive.

Curtis spent some time doing some more admin and research in the afternoon, most of which for upcoming possible training he can do, and then he setup a laptop.

Kim’s Day

Before heading into work Kim had to pop to the doctors, she is all good, just a routine check up. As she had planned to be late in this morning and the doctors appointment was quicker than she anticipated she grabbed some breakfast and went into the office.

Kim spent a bit of her time in the morning preparing for a meeting. She also sent out the final reminder for the holiday party.

In the social team meeting Kim went over a few changes that are due to happen and outlined what that all meant. It went really well!

After the meeting, Kim’s colleague, who is on maternity leave, came in to pick a few things up so the whole team sat down for some lunch and a nice catch up.

After the meeting Kim and another colleague went to a shop to pick up some replacement decorations for the centrepieces for the holiday party. The ones that arrived in the mail were teenytiny! As a result of this trip Kim now had a decent amount of DIY to do and she is VERY excited about that!

On the way back Kim stopped to pick up a subway to eat in her next meeting.

When she got back into the office Kim had a meeting about the holiday party and the quarterly social meet up for new starters.

After this meeting Kim finally got the ball rolling with getting things done. She updated the notes for the holiday party to do list, set up reminders for tomorrow and organised her inbox to make things more manageable!


Kim’s pole class tonight was so much fun, it was a combo class of things that were learnt over the past few weeks!

She then treated herself to a silks class as someone she trains with in the pole class is the instructor for the class. She loved it and would really love to go back to Silks!

We watched a bit of TV when Kim got home and then went to sleep. It felt like a long day as we didn’t sleep well last night!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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