Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 185: Vancouver, BC – AI Talk @ Microsoft

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a productive day, getting a lot of ticket work done, but also spent a while trying to get an email address setup through a piece of software…which took a while.

When Curtis first got to work, he was told that a TV wouldn’t turn on and sure enough, after he declared it broken, there was a hidden power button to flip!

Just after lunch, Curtis helped a team with a bit of user testing and then got back to doing some work.

For the last part of the work day, Curtis offboarded someone who left today.

At 16:30, Curtis walked to Microsoft with a couple of colleagues for a talk!

Once they got in, they were given visitor lanyards and got some food and drink waiting for the talk to start.

The talk was about the ethics of AI and there was someone that worked in healthcare, head of AI at Microsoft and an Intellectual property lawyer.

The discussion was quite interesting, but not as good as the last one.

Curtis walked home and waited for Kim to get back from her training.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day with some holiday party planning, as we are getting closer and closer there will always be something that needs to be done. Today Kim asked the venue for some information for the band aet up and coordinated with the band for their requirements.

Once Kim had worked on the holiday stuff for a few hours she decided to head out to return a flipchart that they bought a few weeks ago as it was missing a piece. Kim went to the staples to return it however the shipment date associated with the online delivery stated it was sent in 1997. This then meant a simple return took about 30ish minutes as the wonderful gentleman behind the counter had to call support. Eventually they got to the end of it and Kim had a good laugh with the guy in the store, he was very helpful too!

Kim came back to both orders of pizzas having been delivered so she put those into the right meeting rooms. She also had a wonderful catch up with they lady who comes in to water the plants. Kim gets on super well with this lady and was away in Vegas for her last visit to the office so it felt like ages since they had a chat!

They decided to arrange to catch up outside of work and have a proper sit down and catch up! Kim is turning into quite the social butterfly these past few weeks, its really lovely!

Someone within the office knows of a new pizza place that recently opened, so they arranged for a free trail to come in to see if the pizza is any good and if it would be a contender for somewhat regular orders.

A few people came in to try the pizza and the general consensus is that it is pretty good!

Kim then did a little planning for this weeks Friday social drinks as it is baby shower theme for one of her colleagues who goes on maternity leave this Friday. Kim drew up a mocktail menu and then went out to pick up some juices. While she was out she picked up the regular alcoholic drinks too!

Kim then focused on the holiday party for a while when she got back. Then Kim made place cards for the mocktails so they were easy to figure out which is which and what they include.

Kim is very excited to put everything together tomorrow.

Kim’s Training

Kims first hour of training was open pole and she really struggled. She thought it was fatigue but found out after the class that the pole was slippery.

Before the next class, Kim claimed a different pole but still struggled with the first move as none of it was anything she has experienced before.

She learnt a new invert, into a new rest position into a new hold position, so it was quite challenging!

The second move was a regular invert into a superwoman to a kind of stand up pose, which was very cool! It was hard to get into but Kim somewhat managed it 3 times, so she left training having achieved something and on a bit of a high.

Late Evening

We were both home later than usual, so didn’t have as much time.

We watched a couple of TV shows and then hit the hay.

This Time Last Year!

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