Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 177: Vancouver, BC – The Catch Up

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was actually looking forward to going back to work.

Curtis got to work and got caught up, but had a meeting right when he got in, too, so he went into that and then after he spent the whole morning just chatting with colleagues and getting the low down on what’s happened whilst he was away.

Once that was done, Curtis got some tickets done in the afternoon, with a little bit of project work thrown in, but mostly ticket work, which was perfect.

Curtis left for the day and walked home (in the dark!).

Kim’s Day

Kim was greeted with a very warm welcome! Apparently there had been a lot of travel to book while Kim was away and her teammate who covered hadn’t been on front desk for that long for 2 years!

She also had a warm welcome from emails and messages. It took Kim a while to go through them all and was catching up with people at the same time.

She then went into the social team meeting and made plans for the next couple of weeks.

After the meeting Kim had a bit of time before heading out with 2 teammates to look at the holiday party venue and go over a few of the logistics for there.

When they got back Kim had some lunch and then started writing up some notes from the social meeting.
Then she spent some time updating the social calendar for November and moving furniture in the kitchen for an event that is happening in the afternoon.

They moved tables and chairs to make room and 3 group areas.

Kim then spent some time organising catering and looking up signature cocktails for the winter parties.

Kim is trying to link them to each theme!

She also then took some time to process some of the invoices and attempt to catch up on some of that towards the end of the day!

Relaxed Evening

We had a relaxed evening, just had some tuna pasta for dinner and watched a few videos, nothing strenuous.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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