Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 176: Vancouver, BC – Flying Out, Again!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was a bit delayed this morning before work as he was packing a few last things for our trip.

He left about 10 minutes later than usual, but still got to work on time, but not when he wanted to!

Curtis had a busy day, but not as busy as it has been.

He had a few more project things to do whilst he wasn’t doing anything else, but mostly he was picking up some tickets, discussing policies and procedures with his team and generally just ‘getting stuff done’.

Curtis had to tie a few things up before he left for a week, so he did that at the end of the day and then made the mistake of getting engrossed in something right before he was meant to leave!

Kim’s Day

When Kim got in this morning she was greeted by a pile of boxes and other cardboard that hadn’t been collected over night.

She cleaned this up a little and then took a couple of people to get their passes.

After this Kim made up some business cards and had them ready to send out to the printers.

She was then fed up of looking at the pile of boxes so she changed it and turned them into a Halloween feature!

She was then reminded that we have run out of creme, this was such a surprise as Kim ordered more on top of her extra to be safe!

She then started investigating the missing receipts and invoices from the statements.

Kim then took a quick lunch where she had a sandwich from the catering and that was delicious! As part of her lunch Kim popped to Lush to get some travel friendly stuff.

She then spent a little more time finding missing receipts and contacting hotels and travel agents to make sure they have everything.

Kim then finalised parts of the holiday parties and got the invites sent out for all 3 parties!

To Vegas We Go!

We each took our respective train from work to get back home and grabbed all of our bags.

We left the apartment shortly after and walked back to the train station, to get on the train to the airport.

We got to the airport, checked a bag which we don’t normally do, but we had to check it to bring a few certain things out.

We got that done very fast as there was no queue and then went right through to security, where there was still no queue!

Immigration was very fast and smooth, and then we just had to wait.

We were hungry, so we went to Burger King right next to our gate. We, apparently, still don’t really like Burger King.

We boarded the plane and took our 2.5 hour flight down to Las Vegas!

We got a ride share to our hotel from the airport and checked in.

We met up with Tom, Kim’s dad, as we are here to see him! He has a 25 hour cycle race over the weekend in Utah, so we are going with him and though we should make a holiday of it and go to Vegas too!

We chatted for a bit and then headed to our rooms to get some sleep. We are staying in Luxor which is pretty awesome!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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