Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 172: Vancouver, BC – Surprise Performance!

The Morning

We slept in a bit which was really nice.

We then had some breakfast, just simply a bagel/cereal nothing fancy.

We watched videos and then Kim went out to the shops to buy a few pieces of clothing she needed for her performance she is doing.

Once she did that, she got back home and then went out to Richmond to bartend/perform!

Kim’s Bartending & Performance

Kim spent her evening bar tending at the pole show this evening.

The studios where Kim practices have a quarterly show and this one was Halloween themed so kim chucked together a last minute pirate costume and was ready to help.

She also found out that there would be some space in the shows runnings so Kim out herself forward for a time slot to use as a dress rehearsal for her upcoming competition!

Her routine went down so well and she loved every second of it. She got a few tips and bits of constructive criticism after from a few friends which was great.

Just things like acknowledge the audience, which Kim hasn’t planned to do and point toes on a couple of moves. Other than that it went brilliantly!

The rest of the evening Kim watched all of the performances and served drinks, it was a great night!

After this, she drove to the rink to watch Curtis’ game.


Curtis really just played call of duty whilst Kim was out, he is still enjoying the game which is good!

Curtis also watched the leafs game.

As Kim had the car, Curtis got a lift up to the rink by a teammate, which was very kind and helpful.

Curtis’ hockey game was a close one, just a 2-1 loss. It was a chippy game, with Curtis getting a penalty after he returned a slash to someone that slashed him.

There was a bit of rough stuff at the end of the game too, but it’s all fun!

This Time Last Year!

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