Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 165: Vancouver, BC – New Jerseys!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got to work a little early, though he still wasn’t feeling great.

For most of the day, Curtis got some more project work done and is almost done with the preparations for it to begin properly next week.

Curtis had a few interesting tickets to help with throughout the day, which gave him a break from doing the same thing over and over again.

Curtis left with the feeling of achieving today, which is amazing.

On the way home, it was raining, and Curtis got absolutely drenched by a car that drove past him!

Kim’s Day

Kim had a class she wanted to make in the evening so she went in an hour early so she had time to leave an hour early. Before Kim got to work, she made her lunch and then put it back in the fridge and left. Not the smartest move ever.

When Kim got in she started by catching up on the late night emails she received the night before and sorted them out. She then designed and sent across for review 2 sets of business cards.

Mid morning there was an earthquake drill that was only meant to happen on a few floors.

This wasn’t ideal as we had a fair few meetings going on, but we just sent out a few messages and people calmed down.

Kim spent the rest of the day going through invoices, she sorted all the travel invoices and found the few that she saves at the end of the month and saved those too.

Kim then started the fun job of reconciliations and only made it a few rows in before getting dragged somewhere else.

The weekly pizza arrived so Kim set all of that up.

We have a biweekly food deliver for a team meeting, luckily our rep noticed that the order had been cancelled and realised before the order would have to be placed.

The company Kim works for has an initiative where you sign up for a coffee chat with someone.

Who ever wants to can put their name into a hat and then they are randomly matched up and you then go for a little informal chat with a random person in the company. Kim signed up for this and was paired up with a guy that sits just around the from her. They had a great little catch up in the kitchen and talked about their hobbies, previous work places and he explained what the company does to Kim as she isn’t entirely sure. She now has a slightly better understanding.

Kim and her colleague then went upstairs to the rooftop meeting room to clear away the days worth of lunch and snack rubbish as there was an all day meeting that had been on. Once this was done Kim headed home.

Sittin’ In A Car

Kim had a lot of training today, so she went to some and then briefly came back home. For her last training, Curtis had to go in the car with her with his hockey kit as we only have 1 car and Kim’s training time and Curtis’ hockey game time are too close together.

Curtis sat in the car whilst Kim was at training and once she was out, we drove to the rink for Curtis’ game.

Kim’s Training

Kims first class was open training so Kim worked on a combo that has been bothering her and also managed to fit it to the music a little better.

The 2nd class was an actual class where Kim was taught moves. It was the first time Kim attended this class at her usual location and she absolutely loved it!

The group were fun and the instructor was great too.

She then popped home before heading out again, this time Curtis came too! Kim wanted to try the routine fully in a place there is more space, luckily one of the studios is near where Curtis plays hockey, so she popped in for 30 minutes and ran through the routine twice! She now only has minor adjustments to make, but basically has a fully constructed routine at this point, which is a massive win.

Curtis’ team got their new jerseys, which are beautiful!

Curtis was still feeling a little sick, so didn’t play too well and was struggling to skate and breath!

Curtis got his first penalty, which was for roughing…it was quite fun though!

His team lost 3-1, but it was against the top placed team.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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