Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 144: Vancouver, BC – The Red Arrows?!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a meeting right when he got to work. This was an update from his team’s management about a few different things that are or will be happening and it was quite positive!

This meeting went on for 45 minutes and once it was done, Curtis could actually continue his day.

He had a lot of discussions with people about different things, but his main goal was to complete the onboard of a new user, which he finally completed (laptop and all) by 15:00.

As well as doing tickets all day, Curtis spent the last 45 minutes of the day trying to get some information together for someone.

On Curtis’ walk home, he heard a few jets every so often and then googled it and it was the RAF’s Red Arrows! Curtis was then able to see them all fly past him whilst he walked across a bridge, which was pretty cool!

Curtis played some games whilst he waited for Kim to come back from work.

Kim’s Day

Today Kim cleaned every meeting room. It started out as a whiteboard clean but Kim gutted every meeting room and removed loads of items so they are all now sparkly and clean.

Kim moved a cable inside the ceiling panels for it to make more sense in the room, she also moves a light box out and put the secondary table under the wire so it can be used for laptops. That room is now so much better!

Kim also emptied and refilled all of the stationary pots in the rooms. She also organised all the trailing cables by covering them over and zip tying the extra bits to tidy it up.

Early afternoon Kim had a meeting designed for Health and Safety planning but they ended up using it for the xmas parties and a couple of other things. Kim and her colleague have put something in for next week to make up for not using that time for H&S.

After the meeting Kim finished the last 2 rooms before ordering the pizzas for 2 offices for tomorrow. Kim was able to do one online nice and easily. When she booked the pizzas for the Vancouver office the online system didn’t work so Kim had to call and that took about 30 minutes and she had to wait for a call back to confirm the order, so in total it took 50 minutes to order some pizza so Kim left at about 6!

Final Episode of Suits!

We watched a few YouTube videos and had some food and then decided to watch the final (ever!) episode of Suits.

Once that was done, we watched a couple more videos and then headed to bed, ready for our Friday.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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