Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 116: Vancouver, BC – Running?!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was non stop from the moment he arrived at the office.

He did tickets pretty much all morning and a couple were a little more elaborate so they took longer, which was good!

In the afternoon, Curtis setup 2 laptops and then, from 15:45, he added a new hard drive to a laptop and began a clone of one hard drive onto another which will run overnight.

Curtis left work around 17:00 to meet Kim from work.Kim’s Day
This morning Kim spent some time going through more of her reception clean up and went through all the leftover mail lying around. She took out all the flyers and left them for people to collect, sectioned off remote workers mail and made little folders for them, she also reminded people about mail they had. Kim also put coloured card and binder dividers to be taken home for people in the kitchen to also free up some more space.

Kim was then asked if she could give someone, who was leaving leaving shortly, some marketing material. The issue here is that Kim had not collected it yet, because of the meetings happening earlier in the week, she didn’t want reception looking messy, so Kim had to run to the print shop to pick up the banner, call the gentleman a cab and get the banner back to the office within 20 minutes! She made it, but a small amount of running and multi tasking was included!

When Kim got back she spent some time updating the social calendar to outline what is coming up over the next month.

Kim then kept the cleaning up by starting a deeper clean of the meeting rooms. Giving the whiteboards a monthly clean, checking the whiteboard pens and just giving the rooms a general tidy up. She only managed two but kept her colleagues entertained when they just saw flying pens, whiteboard erasers and paper from one corner of the meeting room to somewhere near the bin.

During her clean the Thursday pizza arrived, so Kim set that up and then when she finished her second meeting room she grabbed some pizza and had some lunch.

Kim then finally got around to updating her folders with the receipts she had collected over the past week.

She then agreed for one of the nearby hotels to come in for a chat. When they arrived Kim sat them in a meeting room and grabbed her colleague who joined for a quick 15 minute catch up!

Kim then arranged some social team stuff for some small upcoming events. The exciting thing for Kim is that there is another quiz to come! This time, she will be going for a slideshow.

A request came in to amend someone’s travel so Kim took some time to look into it and figure out where to start. However as a teammate was leaving she said that they should tackle it tomorrow. It’ll be a much easier task to tackle with fresh eyes.

Kim was handed some letters to send out so she prepared these and posted them on her way home. While she was waiting for Curtis, after popping the letters in the mailbox Kim had a little walk around sportcheck to kill some time.

Kim class tonight was by far her favourite! It was the most similar to what she used to do back in the UK. It’ll be some time before she is dancing and doing tricks like she used to but she will get there and is having great fun along the way!

More Exercise

We got home, Kim had a sandwich for dinner and Curtis had a couple of hotdogs.

Eventually, after watching some YouTube videos, Kim drove to her exercise class and Curtis played some games.

Once Kim got back and showered, we did some admin, such as this blog and Duolingo and then we watched a Vikings right before bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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