Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 100: Vancouver, BC – Car Is Insured & Our Plans Changed

Winter Tyres

The person we bought the car from was coming in the morning to deliver both our winter tyres and a forgotten piece of paper we need.

The lady arrived at 10:00 and got her to drive into our guest parking so we could easily load the tyres into the storage area.

The lady unfortuantely forgot the paper again, but urgently needed it, so she drove back home and got it for us.

Whilst we waited for her to come back, we got showered and then spoke with Kim’s family.


We went to go and get our license plates from a place nearby, but when we arrived, there was a note saying they would be 10 minutes.

After a 20 minute wait, the man arrived and was actually quite rude.

We sat down with him but then found out, not what others had told us, that we cannot get the plates until we insure the car.

To do this, we wanted to pay on our English card, so we had to go back home and get that.

Eventually, we got back there and got it done and then we were able to get insured and get our plates!

Once we got home, we installed the plates onto our car and we are now able to drive it, if we wish.

Change of plans

We then had no plans as the plans we did have fell through with the other party, so we didn’t know what to do! We didn’t end up getting everything finished until around 15:00 anyway, so when we got home we went to the shop to get our weekly shop done.

When we got back, we ate some pain au chocolat as we were so hungry!

Roast (Vegetables) Dinner

Kim made an incredible dinner, which was just a roast dinner but with no meat, but it was still pretty tasty. We had perfect yorkshire puddings and crispy potatoes, too!

We watched some TV and then went to bed fairly early. We have a busy week this week.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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